Grey Owl Capital

Grey Owl Capital invests in differentiated energy, industrial and infrastructure service companies and specialty manufacturing businesses in the lower middle-market.  Grey Owl also invests outside these targeted industry sectors in opportunistic situations and in businesses with exposure to specifically targeted investment themes.  Grey Owl is investing its founder’s personal funds and, for larger opportunities, raises additional outside equity on a deal-by-deal basis. 

Grey Owl is flexible with regards to transaction structure, and the utmost importance is placed on partnering with strong management teams of high integrity who are building interesting businesses.  From 100% buy outs where there may be a need for active involvement in managing the business going forward, to majority recapitalizations where the role is to provide active oversight of the company’s management team, to more passive minority investments (likely funding growth opportunities and/or working capital needs) with or without representation on the company’s Board of Directors, Grey Owl actively pursues opportunities across the traditional equity investment spectrum. 

In 100% buy out and majority recapitalization situations, Grey Owl prefers to partner with strong management teams providing them with oversight, strategic direction and access to additional capital without actually working in the business on a daily basis; however, when necessary, Grey Owl’s founder will actively engage as President and/or CEO of Grey Owl’s investment(s).  In minority investment situations, Grey Owl prefers to assume a role on the company’s Board of Directors intending to find specific ways to assist in creating value without interfering in the company management team’s running of the business day-to-day.

Grey Owl’s current investment focus areas and criteria are summarized below:

  • Target:  Privately-Owned Businesses & Public Companies’ Non-Core Divisions
  • Size:  Revenues of ~$5 Million to ~$50 Million & EBITDA of ~$1 Million to ~$10 Million
  • Geography:  Southern U.S., Mid-Continent & Rocky Mountain Regions
  • Structure:  100% Buy Out, Majority Recapitalization or Minority Investment
  • Role:  Active, Management Oversight, Member of the Board or Passive
  • Management:  Retain & Incentivize if Possible & Desired or Replace as Needed