Grey Owl Partners

Grey Owl Partners invests capital in and provides strategic advisory services to privately-owned businesses.  Grey Owl operates through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Grey Owl Capital and Grey Owl Advisors.  Grey Owl Capital invests in differentiated energy, industrial and infrastructure service companies and specialty manufacturing businesses in the lower middle-market.  Grey Owl Advisors provides strategic, operational and financial oversight for owners of these same types of businesses with emphasis on developing and implementing hands-on organizational and financial improvement initiatives to enhance shareholder value. 

Grey Owl Capital is investing its founder’s personal funds and raises additional equity as needed.  Grey Owl pursues opportunities across the traditional equity investment spectrum (100% buy outs, majority recapitalizations and minority investments) with the utmost importance placed on partnering with strong management teams of high integrity who are building interesting businesses.  Grey Owl prefers to provide board-level oversight and strategic direction to the companies in which it invests while allowing the managers of these businesses to run them day-to-day. 

Grey Owl Advisors leverages its founder’s experience over nearly two decades as a business owner and private equity professional navigating multiple businesses through several economic and industry cycles.  Grey Owl’s target audience are private equity fund professionals with businesses held in legacy funds towards the end of (or even beyond) their originally agreed-upon term. Grey Owl provides the private equity fund with direct oversight of their investment, actively interacts with the management team and is paid a nominal monthly fee directly by the portfolio company.  Grey Owl’s business model further aligns the interests of all parties by linking its primary economic incentive to incremental equity value creation upon successful exit of the private equity fund’s investment. Other types of business owners (i.e., publicly-traded companies and individuals) are targeted for Grey Owl's advisory services as well.